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Protective Order

If you have been threatened or abused by someone you personally know, such as a family member or spouse, you may be able to file a protective order against that individual. However, unless you have a skilled lawyer on your side, you may find it hard to get such a request granted.

At the Rhodes Law Firm LLC, we have the experience and expertise required to present a solid case, and will fight for you to be granted a protective order so you can move on with your life. Attorney Shauna Rhodes has experience in numerous protective order cases in Maryland, with a high success rate.

Consequences of a Protective Order

If a protective order is granted by the court, it could force the abuser to stay away from you for up to a year. If you live with the person, the order could give you the right to continue living in your residence, forcing the other person to relocate. If you have children together, the protective order may also contain provisions for a regular payment, akin to child support. In some cases, the other person might also be asked to contribute to mortgage payments or seek help from a court-approved counselor.

We will help you understand the process of filing a protective order, and provide you with the information you need in order to determine if a protective order is in your best interest given the situation you are in.

Arguing Against a Protective Order in Maryland

If a protective order has been filed against you, we have the expertise necessary to help defend you. There are a variety of strategies that can be employed to protect you from the damage the order can do, and the best possible argument depends on the specific characteristics of your particular case.

Whether you seek to file a protective order against another person or have had one filed against you, Attorney Shauna Rhodes is ready to help. Call for a consultation today at(301) 332-4774.