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Property Settlement Agreements

For some couples who are getting a divorce, a marital property settlement can be one of the easiest agreements to reach. This is especially true if the divorce is mutual, and there are no marital debts. However, for many other spouses, reaching a fair and balanced marital property settlement agreement can be quite difficult.

At Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, we provide aggressive representation to individuals who are involved in a dispute with their ex-spouse and desire to reach a property settlement agreement that is in their favor. Attorney Shauna Rhodes is a skilled lawyer who has considerable experience in handling matters related to family law in Maryland.

The Basics of Property Settlement Agreements

In Maryland, marital property is distributed following the principle of equitable division. This means that both marital property and debt must be divided fairly between both parties in a divorce. However, the division need not be equal. The property settlement agreement must cover all debts and assets accrued during marriage, including real estate, mortgages, loans, etc., and should explicitly mention who will be responsible for what.

After analyzing all assets and debts accrued during the marriage, we will provide you with the legal advice you need to pursue a settlement in your favor.

Hidden Assets

We have extensive experience working for clients who believe that their spouses have hidden away certain assets which should be part of a property settlement agreement. We use expert investigators and accountants to ensure all assets are revealed, helping negotiate a fair property settlement on behalf of our client.

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