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With today’s advanced technology, it has become easier than ever before for anyone to find personal information regarding another person. Employers often check to see whether a potential hire has a past criminal record before offering him/her a job and insurance companies also look at this information when calculating rates. In fact, your record could even affect your chances of renting an apartment or being approved for a home loan.

In some cases, if a number of criteria have been met, an expungement may be available to wipe the charges from your criminal record. This would, in essence, prevent third-parties from using any criminal record you may have against you. At the Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, we can help you have a brighter future by making sure that you are not unduly penalized for your past.

How to Get an Expungement

We will start by fully investigating your criminal records and advise you regarding the various steps of the expungement process. Charges eligible for expungement may include but are not limited to:

  • Trail results which resulted in an acquittal or a hung jury
  • Plea bargains involving a plea of guilty
  • Arrests for which you were never formally charged
  • Charges which were cleared
  • Various convictions

However, not every conviction cannot be expunged. For example, certain felonies or sex crimes cannot be expunged. Additionally, you will need to ensure that the court’s requirements regarding the conviction have been met, including a period of waiting before the charges can be expunged.

At Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, we will inform you of where you stand and what it will take for you to have your records expunged. We will assist you throughout the process, and work hard towards a result in your favor.

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