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Charged with Driving Without a License

Driving is something we like to think of as a right as opposed to a privilege, however, if you do not carry a valid Maryland license, it is illegal for you to drive, even if you are just driving to the grocery store or to and from work.

Being caught driving without a license can have serious ramifications, including:

  • Up to 60 days jail time and a fine of up to $500 for first offenses
  • Up to 1 year imprisonment and a fine of up to $500 for second and subsequent offenses

The penalties are particularly harsh for subsequent offenders and offenders who have lost their license as the result of being found guilty of another crime. Additionally, this violation causes 5 points to be placed against you, and if there are between 8 and 11 points within a two year period, your driver’s license could be suspended. For example, if you did not have a license and were able to obtain one within three months, the suspension would extend past that time.

Potential Defenses Against Driving Without a License Charges

There are a variety of successful defenses that can be used against driving without a license charges, including:

  • Challenging the officer’s right to stop you in the first place. This may allow the attorney to make a motion that the court suppresses all evidence arising out of the stop, which would prevent the state of Maryland from obtaining evidence that you were driving without a license at all.
  • Arguing that you were unaware that you were driving without a license, a defense that may lead to an acquittal
  • Arguing that you were wrongly charged with driving without a license

An experienced Maryland traffic attorney will investigate each aspect of your case, and determine the defense strategies that have the most likelihood of being successful in court.

Working With a Greenbelt, Maryland Traffic Lawyer

It is not in your best interest to accept the charges against you and simply pay the fines associated with this violation. Working with a Maryland traffic attorney can increase the chances that the charges are eradicated or reduced, allowing you to maintain your freedom and avoid jail time and fines.

At the Rhodes Law Firm, LLC, attorney Shauna Rhodes has a solid track record of defending clients against similar charges, and is committed to aggressively defending you.

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